Artificial Grass Banbury

Artificial grass Banbury

Artificial Grass Installers Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Artificial grass lawns, grass or turf as it’s known are growing in popularity due to people not having the time or patience to care for a natural lawn.

It is often referred to as Synthetic grass or fake grass or astro-turf.

Over the winter period real grass lawns can become muddy and patchy and during the summer lawns can become dry with artificial lawns you don’t have these problems it looks green and vibrant all year round with no mud or need for mowing or treatments.

Certain areas in and around Banbury are prone to moss usually due to poor soil conditions or bad drainage. You could re lay turf or reseed these areas but within the next one to two years the moss and weeds could return unless you add new good quality top soil or install drainage channels which can be costly. In this case artificial grass would be an excellent choice.

Whilst the upfront costs of materials are usually higher than compared to a natural lawn. The cost can usually be offset by not having to purchase a lawn mower and every weekend being taken up by mowing or employing a gardener to mow it for you. There is also the benefit of no expensive treatments.

Artificial grass lawns are ideal for green roofs, balconies, schools, nurseries and play areas.

Commercial gardens or play area environments such as Schools and nurseries benefit from not having to keep the kids off the play areas when it has been raining. They can even erect canopies to cover the areas so every day can be an outside play day. There are no expensive grounds maintenance packages needed either.

Artificial grass is ideal for pets as their “little accidents” can be simply washed away by the rain or rinsed with the hose pipe. No unattractive scorch rings are left behind like on normal lawns.

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